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Trion:Z Magnetic Ion Bracelets

Trion:Z combines the natural power of magnetics and the energizing effects of minus-ions to balance the body's magnetic and electrical field.  Excessive positive-ion levels are associated with fatigue, lack of concentration and body aches.  This balancing effect, hormesis, allows your body to adapt to today's environment overpowered by electronics and stress.

Trion:Z uses magnets in a patented Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO) which increases the magnet's power to penetrate deeper into muscle and tissue fibers providing maximum benefit.

Trion:Z bands use STAYERS a unique fabric woven with minus-ion producing minerals to regenerate your body.  This fabric can be hand washed or be wet and still maintain its minus-ion producing properties for those active in water sports.

Revitalize your body from daily stress and physical activity with Trion:Z magnetic/minus-ion products.

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