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Trion:Z Palette Mag-Titan

Trion:Z Palette™ Mag-Titan™ Titanium Bracelet.  The Palette™ Mag-Titan™,  is a more dressy version of the Trion:Z technology, delivering its therapeutic benefits from the locker room to the Boardroom and more formal social gatherings. The clean lines of the Titanium band are complemented with a touch of color with its smart cloisonné accents. But don't let its luxurious looks fool you. It's packed with Trion:Z technology.  The Palette™ bands are made with pure Ti-22 Titanium.  The Palette™ also utilizes the core Trion:Z technology, combining the therapeutic properties of medical-grade magnets and minus ions together to form the most powerful product of its type on the market today.

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