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Phiten Necklaces and Bracelets. sells only genuine PHITEN titanium brand products, all new and guaranteed. Available in Japan for over 20 years, PHITEN Necklaces and Bracelets utilize advances in the understanding of Bio-electricity to Improve your rate of recovery from fatigue and muscle strain, Prevent injury through reduced muscle tension and increased flexibility and Enhance your abillity to preform at your optimum level. Titanium emits an energy field that is effective in controlling the biometric current of your blood cells for more efficient circulation of oxygen and nutrients. Phiten uses a patented "Phild" processing technology which creates a uniform wave to control disturbances in the human nervous system.

So, the next time your buddy challenges you to a game of round ball, golf or whatever, grab some Phite titanium and feel the power that extra level of energy gained from maximizing your blood flow.... it just may be all the edge you need.


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